De-fit and Make Good Gaven

Commercial Solutions completes many strip outs and de-fits every year. Our de-fit and make good Gaven team can attend site, complete the de-fit quickly, safely and efficiently, leaving your premises meeting the requirements ready to hand over.

Offices, retailers, and restaurants are often moving, relocating, establishing or closing. When a tenant is moving out, they are usually required as part of their lease to de-fit the shop or office and ‘make good’ the space to its original state. This can include plastering and painting walls, repairing the ceiling and floor. Some commercial properties the tenants are required to take everything back to concrete walls and floor, this is referred to as ‘back to base ‘. In these situations, you will probably need a commercial builder (Commercial Solutions) who can manage and complete your de-fit effectively and on budget.

Commercial Solutions de-fit and make good Gaven team can prepare the building, shop, or office ready for handover. We are normally asked to carry out these works outside normal trading hours to avoid disruption to the surrounding businesses.

Once Commercial Solutions are engaged to complete a de-fit, no additional service contractors are required.

As a part of our commitment to the environment, we will also recycle as much waste materials as possible, and the non – recyclable materials will be taken off site and disposed of at an approved facility.